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Osteomyelitis - symptom, Fixquick and advice

Osteomyelitis is a condition of pain located on the front of the lower leg, most often on the inside of the tibia. The problem usually arises when the load has been too great in relation to what your legs can handle.  A body that moves optimally, distributes the forces during, for example, running so that no tissue or body part is overloaded  -  it is only when you become functionally inferior that overload occurs. What should you do if you get hurt? Read more about symptoms, treatment and specific advice here

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What is osteomyelitis?

The skeleton has a so-called bone membrane at the end, and in the bone membrane attaches muscles that ensure that the skeleton can move through the influence of signals from the nervous system. The bone marrow is sensitive to pain, and if it becomes  too much strain on the bone membrane can lead to pain. 

In osteomyelitis of the lower leg, it is often the inside of the skin bone that hurts as the calf muscles that attach here "pull" in the bone membrane. This is called in English periostitis. Although it is called inflammation, it is rare, but it is very painful and hinders you in your activities (usually running).  

The pain can also sit on the outside of the tibia. Activity such as running or walking is what usually causes the most pain, but rest can also occur. If you touch the muscles on the front and back of the leg, it is usually tender.  

How to fix themselves

You may have tried most things to be pain free for osteomyelitis?

In our world, it is rare that where one is in pain or has the symptoms, the cause lies.  

If you want to remove or become pain-free, you have to think holistically.  

The whole body is connected. Back to your osteomyelitis. Above the calf lies your knee ,

It is a narrow fluid channel and the fluid pressure to the calf is reduced if there is tension there.

The thigh muscles are attached to the underside of the knee. are the thigh muscles tight?

If so, they will pull on the knee and create a reduced fluid flow to the calf.

Are you with so far?

As you understand, the body is complex.

Over to how you can fix this yourself.

On the inside of the knee there are 3 lymph nodes (see picture) are they tender?

These glue knots ensure that your calf and knee filter the blood and tissue in the thighs and calves.

Let's knead on these lymph nodes so that the "boss" does not accumulate and the fluid flow improves.

Now that we have increased the flow to the calf, it is time to remove the waste products that are in the calf.

On the inside of the calf (see picture) right next to the attachment to the thigh muscles, press down.


Use the massage tool or thumb / knuckle, to hold a certain pressure and start pulling down.

Try to push a little against the leg in the calf.

Follow down completely until you reach the start of the ankle / ankle.  

Hold a certain pressure down and past the ankle against the ankle bone.

Lots of luck!

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