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Customer feedback

"Have been going to Rune for several years and I stay injury free year after year thanks to this offer! As a consequence I did not have to go to second place for treatment. drive with, he helps to guide in koss train right and in addition to very good treatment. Can definitely be recommended! Can also thank this method for allowing me to train to this day. "

"Absolutely incredible treatment🙌  Could not rotate my arm backwards and only after a lymphatic treatment do I have the movement back - fantastic👍  Can highly recommend Rune, welcoming, responsive, explanatory and solution-oriented⭐️⭐️⭐️ "

"I was told by the doctor after 20 years of chronic back pain that I had to live with this. Now my back has been healthy for 5 years after treatment at Rune! 3 treatments took it.
Highly recommended! "

"Fantastic treatment that makes the body work much better."

"On the recommendation of several who had been to Maxliving, I chose to try lymphatic treatment. Very satisfied, will definitely come again!"

"Very happy with the treatment at Rune. I have fibromyalgia, and this treatment works for me."

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