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Back pain may occur  suddenly or come telling. Many people think back pain can not be done anything about. But we have very good experience of thinking holistically when we treat for back pain. 

Pain area can be lower back but also in the middle of the back or elsewhere.

Fluid flow can be pinched either at the shoulder blades or at the gluteal muscles. This can create a throttling of the fluid flow to the muscles to give increased pressure. Which in turn can cause pain when the muscles and tissues are not supplied with oxygen-rich blood.


We have a holistic approach to your back problems. First, we look at your back, to uncover what muscles have pulled  together. This in turn will create ripple effects on the skeleton  as well as the entire muscle chain. The muscles act as a pump for the tissues and lymph fluid. Pump effect Decreases due to muscle overload. This creates an accumulation of waste products  in the tissue which in turn causes pain to discomfort.

The "boss buckets" (lymph nodes) of the muscles are full. We push the "boss" in the lymph node further into the system, so that the muscle gets rid of the waste as well as a better supply of new nutrient-rich fluid.

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